Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Been Busy

I admit, I've been slacking. Fall is just not a very good time for me I guess. I apologize for "abandoning" you all, my readers.
I bring wonderful news though! For many months I have been dreaming of kilns and torches and many many lampwork beads. This weekend the first stage will be done. I am getting a kiln. I know that it should go studio, torch, kiln. I have to tell you all though, this is a deal and I just can not pass it up. Hopefully with a kiln of my own I will quickly get my torch within the month. Then I turn to studio space. The plan is the garage. That means we have to clean it out and re-do everything. I'm a bit worried about that- as I want to start right away. I suppose I should practice patience more often. It's terribly hard though!
I have been uploading more supplies on etsy, to try and finance my new addiction. I've also added two new pieces to my main etsy shop. After that, I start on my website again. I just uploaded these earrings into the mix:
I hope you are all having amazing days. Enjoy the fall!

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Gemheaven said...

How excited getting a kiln - it will open up so many avenues not just glass (tehe you could use PMC until you get your torch ;) )

Can't wait to hear more