Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I got way too excited about these pieces that I thought I'd post the promised photos just a bit early.
I've been playing a lot with silvered ivory. The photo above is definitely proof of that! Top right is Vetrofond dark ivory with silvered ivory shards and a string of goldstone through it. The top left is Vetro Dark ivory again, with dots of violet pastel. The bottom bead is Vetrofond dark ivory, silvered ivory shards and a bit of Double Helix Elextra glass.

Definitely in love with these glasses. Managed to get some CIM Plum and Thai Orchid to play with too. Looking forward to seeing what I can make!

Trying new things

So over the days I've been looking at glass again, at tutorials and thinking up big dreams.

The first tutorial I bought? Amy Kinsch's Taking Reduction Glass by Storm Tutorial.

I've drooled over Amy's beads for as long as I can remember. Often looking through her etsy site and not being able to make up my mind which bead to buy. Now I can try to make them myself! Not only is the technique gorgeous, but the tutorial is easy to read and understand. I'm very excited to try more and more. I have done one bead, but it was wonky and lacked the proper "storm" as it were. Just takes practice!

Other than that? I think I've finally achieved the effect I want when using silvered ivory. Very exciting indeed. I'm half tempted to just play with dark ivory and silver... but I'm telling myself that it will get boring... I'll post photos tomorrow and see what you all think.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yes, contrary to popular (not so popular?) belief- I'm alive!

Working full time plus some sucked my creativity dry. So! I'm back now, the fates decided that I was to be job-less for a while and guess what that means? Light up that torch!

Yesterday I made some simple green rounds to get back into the swing of things. I'm finding that I'm real fond of Effetre's Green Grass Pastel. That stuff is pretty awesome, and when used alone I got some nice color variation. It worked a lot like the old petroleum green for me. Yummy.

Today? Today I pulled out a thin rod of Precision 104 Van Gogh. Tossed it in with some ivory... We'll see what happens. When I put it into the kiln I didn't see much color variation, but I'm hoping that the kiln will bring out some color. I also tried Laguna Blue, another Effetre color. I've had it sitting around forever, but hadn't played with it any. I'm watching my kiln with excitement to see what comes out!