Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trying new things

So over the days I've been looking at glass again, at tutorials and thinking up big dreams.

The first tutorial I bought? Amy Kinsch's Taking Reduction Glass by Storm Tutorial.

I've drooled over Amy's beads for as long as I can remember. Often looking through her etsy site and not being able to make up my mind which bead to buy. Now I can try to make them myself! Not only is the technique gorgeous, but the tutorial is easy to read and understand. I'm very excited to try more and more. I have done one bead, but it was wonky and lacked the proper "storm" as it were. Just takes practice!

Other than that? I think I've finally achieved the effect I want when using silvered ivory. Very exciting indeed. I'm half tempted to just play with dark ivory and silver... but I'm telling myself that it will get boring... I'll post photos tomorrow and see what you all think.

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