Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've started using colors that I wouldn't normally touch. Mainly for an exchange that I'm doing over on Lampwork etc. The idea of the exchange is to make beads out of colors that others consider "ugly" or "fugly".

So far I've played with EDP, Strawberry Sweet, Coral, Opalino Grass Green, and Candy Corn. I think that I'm really fond of all of the beads that I've made so far. Really it's a step out of the box for me- working with colors that I wouldn't think to combine.

Sadly, one of the beads (with the Opalino green and Coral) Looks really Christmas-y. I was hoping the coral would have turned out more orange than red. Silly coral colors.

I'll admit that I burned the crap out of the EDP (Evil purple) and it's a bit hazy and... chalky almost? I need to learn more about the color before I play more with it. I don't like how chalky it turns.

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