Friday, January 16, 2009

My goodness!

I hope that everyone's New Years was an absolute blast, whether you were sitting at home or out on the town! As for me, I was surprised by my amazing boyfriend who flew into town just to surprise me!!! We stayed home, but had lots of fun playing darts and random games with good friends. There were also marshmallows and s'mores thanks to the fire we had going! Nothing beats a fire and marshmallows.

On the bead front- I've been playing. It seems that I've lost the ability (once again) to make round beads. Ugh. They say that you're supposed to PPP (Practice, practice, practice) but heavens- those round beads are just eating me alive! I'll admit I'm also very frustrated at my camera and the fact that it has randomly decided to hate me and anything that I have the plan on photoing. Where is the summer sun when you need it? The sun is amazing for me when it comes to taking photos... But only 6 months of the year it seems!

I think I'm going to go make melty fire- and sing my heart out while trying to coax my glass Goddess into playing muse for the night. Hope that the days are treating you well!

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