Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've started using my new camera and I'm slowly taking new photos of inventory to add to both the main site and artfire. These are just three of the new bottlecap pendants that I've added to the main site. I have a ton more to add, but I'm doing it in small groups as to not overwhelm myself.
I'm in love with my new Canon Rebel, but I know that I have a ton to learn. Right now I'm working without a macro lens, I'm hoping to remedy that very soon though. It's nice to have something other than a simple point and click in my hands, I used to use a 35mm Canon in my photography classes in school. It was my father's and was completely amazing. It opened up my eyes to the amazing world of SLR cameras....

Look for updates on Etsy, Artfire and the Main Site.

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