Friday, September 21, 2007

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

For some time I have heard of these things... They've been called "BPAL" and "IMPS" and I could never figure out what they were speaking of, until I found the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I'm in love. I never thought that going through a website of scents could be so addicting, especially when you can't actually smell any of them. Here I am, running through the many pages of the site, drooling over names, descriptions and imagining the scents that they list. I'm going to buy my very first Imp's Ears set, and I'm going through and picking out six that I think will suit my personality. With name sets like "Wanderlust", "Diabolus" and "A Picnic in Arkham" who can't love these vials of perfume?
I'm hoping that these will inspire me for a few mew designs in my jewelry. I'm ordering a lot of musky, earth type scents and look forward to wearing them while I work.

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