Friday, August 17, 2007


You never realize how many things you collect as an artist and designer until you being to go through your "stash". I've been doing such reciently and let me tell you, it's scary! I've found so many beads that I'd forgotten about even. So I decided, I plan on working with newer materials soon, and I don't want these to go to waste as I'm sure they will if I don't use them right away. What that means? Why, de-stash them on etsy! So that's what I've started doing. Looking back, I should have started a shop only for de-stashing but I suppose that hindsight is always 20/20. Perhaps I'll do that after I sell everything that is currently in the shop. If you're interested, here is my etsy shop. Lots and lots of beads and findings for sale!

I've also banned myself from the studio until I get all of the photos I've taken edited and resized so I can update both etsy and my website. It's a pain, because my light box is home made and we reciently found out that it is not white, it's off white and has a yellow tint! It's very frustrating to me because we found this out after I took photos of all of my inventory. I do mean all. Oh well, photoshop takes care of the problem. It just takes a bit longer, a bit of color correction and the exposure tool. I sometimes wonder if I should swear by the exposure tool! It brightens the whole photo, so if you lack enough light it definitely helps create good photos.

(I edited the photo to the upper right with exposure in photoshop. Items pictured can be found on my website)

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Sky Girl Style said...

Thanks for the B'day greeting. I know what you mean about destashing. Bead Cottage is my destash etsy shop. I've actually sold a few things too! Good luck with your destashing.